The John Frick Band is a 4-piece band, based in The Hague, The Netherlands, focusing on performing and recording original music that is firmly rooted in the traditions of blues music.
For us, it’s all about blues music, its origins and influences and the music it, in turn, has inspired. We have recorded 3 albums, Boogie With The John Frick Blues Band (2011), Urban Crossroads (2014) and K.02 Sessions (2015). The two latest albums were released on Peter Struijk’s Blueshine Records.
The band members are John Frick (South Africa) on vocals, guitar, slide guitar; Leo Birza (Netherlands) on vocals and keyboards; Michel De Man (Netherlands) on drums and Nico Hart(Netherlands) on bass guitar and backing vocals.
Our music is heavily influenced by classic blues legends such as Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Freddy King and many more. The modern American and British blues guitar masters, like Peter Green, Rory Gallagher, Jimmie Vaughan, Sean Costello, and many others, have also influenced our sound. Although comparisons can be made between The John Frick Band and bands such as these, we have very much our own sound and approach to presenting our brand of the blues. We strive to capture and invoke the energy and passion of those who inspire us.
Since its inception, the band has played a large number of venues in and around The Netherlands. One of the many highlights was our tour to South Africa in 2012, during which we performed at Africa’s most prestigious blues festival, The Table Mountain Blues Summit. We have continued along an exciting path of gigs, festivals and events, always seeking to expand our blues horizons and win over new supporters far and wide. In 2018, we completed a second tour of South Africa.
Other highlights include The Zoetermeer Blues Festival (2011, 2015 and 2016), The Delft Blues Festival (2017 and 2018), various performances at the Apeldoorn Bluescafe, Bluescafe Kerkzicht in Roosendaal and Bluessocieteit l’Esprit, amongst others. In 2018, the John Frick Band, together with Sjef van der Lans (lead vocal) and Ian Dole (blues harp), performed in the final of the Dutch Blues Challenge as Hollands Blauw.
The John Frick Band is currently working on new material in The Sofa Lounge studio in The Hague. The result will be a long-awaited album to follow on our previous albums, which were all critically acclaimed. Watch this space and follow us on social media for more news and updates.
Having returned to The Netherlands in August 2009 from a four-year sojourn in Belgium, John rekindled his old blues band, the Blues Hombres, which had previously performed in Holland and Belgium for a period of 10 years. By 2011, the Blues Hombres had evolved into the John Frick Blues Band, with Michel de Man on drums and seasoned rockabilly guitarist, Roel Loen, on bass guitar.
Later in 2011, after spotting keyboard player Leo Birza on YouTube, John contacted him and invited him to join the band. It turned out to be a perfect match.
In November 2013, after having made a significant contribution to the growth of the band, Roel was ready to leave to focus once again on his guitar playing. John then invited Nico Hart, the bassist of Mak Wolven and the Insiders, to replace Roel. Inspired by new and fresh prospects and the upcoming release of the album, Urban Crossroads, the band turned things up a few notches and began to make a notable impact in the live music scene. The band's albums have also received critical acclaim internationally.
We have collaborated with several local and international musicians on our albums, including Serigne Gueye (West African musician), Tom Moerenhout (Dutch saxophonist), Rob Nagel (South African bass and blues harp player), Peter Struijk (Dutch blues guitarist and producer) and Deborah Hulskamp (Dutch singer and performer).