John Frick

Originally from the South African west coast town, Vredenburg, John spent a large part of his teenage years and early adult life in Cape Town. He became interested in playing the guitar around the time he left school in the mid-1980s and was inspired by his brother’s blues band, The Flaming Firestones, and also by his amazing vinyl collection. John soon developed a fascination for the magical and mystical sounds of the electric guitar and decided to teach himself to play. Within a year or two, he was playing rhythm guitar in the popular Cape Town band, The Low Down Blues Band. In 1990, John was one of the founding members of the now legendary South African blues band, The Blues Broers, which still performs today.

Together with his brother, Clayton, and fellow Blues Broers member, Rob Nagel, John co-founded Cape Town’s most celebrated blues venue of the era, The Smokehouse Blues Club. It was immensely popular and well frequented in the early 1990s. The club and the bands that performed there resulted in a large-scale rebirth of blues music in the Cape and beyond. Although it is long gone, the club is still fondly remembered by musicians and live music fans.

In 1993, John moved to The Netherlands and now lives in The Hague, Holland’s rock city and home of the iconic Dutch band, Golden Earring.  In recent years, John has performed at numerous blues venues and festivals in The Netherlands, Belgium and beyond, including the Zoetermeer Blues Festival, Culemborg Blues, the Delft Blues Festival, the Breda Jazz Festival, the Brussels Rhythm and Blues Club, Bluescafe Apeldoorn and many more.

In 2010, John and Clayton toured the Western Cape of South Africa with the Blues Broers. This adventure reignited his connection with the blues scene in South Africa and resulted in the John Frick Blues Band’s tour of 2012 and the subsequent recording collaborations with Rob Nagel in 2013 and 2014.

Apart from playing blues-style music in The John Frick Band and old-style rock and roll and rockabilly in The Codray Brothers, John also loves performing spontaneous ‘free-style’ experimental music in the Konfituren. Other current projects include The John Frick Four, Frick n Man and Hollands Blauw.

Regardless of what music he plays, the blues remains the inspirational springboard for everything he does.