Leo Birza

Leo first started playing the organ in a garage rock band at the age of 13. Like so many other young musicians starting out at that time, the first song he learned was Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water. Before long, the blues and jazz began dominating his musical interests and firmly influenced his subsequent musical activities. By the time he was in his 20s, Leo was playing piano in a number of blues and jazz bands.
His main inspirations are keyboard players like Herman Brood, early Ray Charles, Billy Preston, Jimmy Smith and, Holland's very own, Sven Hammond. Despite these keyboard players all representing different musical approaches and backgrounds, they all have one thing in common and that is that, like Leo, their music is firmly rooted in the blues.
As a blues pianist, singer and songwriter, Leo has achieved tremendous success with Hollands Blauw, a band which specializes in performing traditional and classic blues with quirky, clever and thought-provoking Dutch lyrics. In 2018, Hollands Blauw, which also includes the other members of The John Frick Band, took part in the finals of the prestigious Dutch Blues Challenge.
Before joining The John Frick Band, Leo was also the frontman of The Lumberjack Blues Band, a popular blues band from The Hague.