Nico Hart

When Nico was 13 years old, his parents gave him his first guitar. At the time, his greatest desire was to be just like The Beatles. After a year of playing his own tunes on one string only, he was invited to join his first band. The very first song they played together was The House Of The Rising Sun. It sounded great and was enough to trigger Nico's lifelong interest in music and performing in bands.
In the years that followed, Nico performed in a number of bands and switched often between playing guitar and bass guitar. His instrument of choice today is the electric bass guitar.
Having played in a range of different bands and projects since the late 1960s, Nico adapts comfortably to playing different styles and genres of popular music including the blues, pop, rock, Americana and Latin music.
As the bassist of The John Frick Band, Nico's music journey has gone a full circle as he is now back to his blues and rock & roll roots, where it all began in his teens.